School website and portal for Christ the Good Shepherd Academy of sciences, Anyigba

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School website and portal for Christ the Good Shepherd Academy of sciences, Anyigba

School website and portal for Christ the Good Shepherd Academy of sciences, Anyigba

Projects  |  1000 Jan 26, 2020
A lot of activities can be carried out over the internet for schools that embrace going digital with Timanet Global Technologies. This year, we are proud to announce one of the schools that has embraced our technology to go online.

Christ the Good Shepherd Academy of Sciences, Anyigba is a Roman Catholic School founded by the Marist Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd, a religious group under the Catholic Diocese of Idah. For many years, the school has operated manually both in handling students' profiles and computing end of term results. This was very tedious and stressful and led to damage of data on paper or incorrect data records. Timanet Global Technologies has been able to provide a system by which the school can virtually operate on the cloud.

The fully functioning and user-friendly website and portal was developed and hosted for Christ the Good Shepherd Academy of Sciences with the URL: Below are the features of the website:
  1. Fast loading (99% on mobile and 100% on desktop and pc)
  2. Highly responsive design (can be accessed on both mobile and pc)
  3. Slider image gallery
  4. Information about the school
  5. Contact section
  6. Subjects page
  7. SSCE results display page
  8. End of term result access page, etc
How does the portal work?
The school portal, which is linked with the school website functions as follows:
  1. Admin creates the available classes
  2. Register students based on their classes
  3. Register the subjects offered based on classes
  4. Set up the grading scale and score limits for CA and Exam
  5. Compile students CA and Exam scores on excel spreadsheet
  6. Uploads the compiled CA and Exam scores at once to the portal
  7. Results are instantly made ready without stress!
In addition, the following modules were incorporated:
  1. Bulk SMS module by which the school sends important information to parents or teachers (or both). 
  2. Fee management module which is used to confirm and validate that students are cleared for the term to access their results.
  3. Staff profile management module, etc. 

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  • Okpe ThankGod
    Posted Mar 20, 2020

    Wao.... One of the best Result Management System i have used so far.

 Timanet   Mar 31, 2020

Thank you for this testimony, Mr ThankGod.

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